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At StockPot, our chefs indulge their passion for unique and flavorful ingredients. Our innovative recipes range from traditional comfort classics and time-honored flavors from around the world to the latest culinary trends. From sweet fennel, to earthy porcinis, fire-roasted poblanos, toasted corn, hot smoked Spanish paprika, spicy Mexican chorizo, nutty Asiago…the list goes on and on.

We have a pantry full of inspiring ingredients that we use to create some of the most amazing recipes. From Broadway Basil & Tomato Bisque to Adobe Chicken & Toasted Corn Chowder from Chicken Noodle to Fully Loaded Baked Potato from Gypsy Lentil Soup with Spiced Sausage & Bacon to authentic Asian Pho Broths, we really do have something for every palate.

StockPot® Chicken Noodle
The epitome of comfort food, this classic begins with tender egg noodles, white meat chicken, chunks of carrot, and sliced celery in a rich chicken stock seasoned with a touch of garlic, a pinch of savory thyme and a dash of black pepper.

StockPot® Broadway Basil & Tomato Bisque
A satin bisque of tomato and basil with a crushed-red-pepper attitude. Starting with a puree of California red tomatoes, we simmer onions in real chicken stock, blend in rich heavy cream, and finish with aromatic sweet basil.

StockPot® Basil Chicken Chili with Beans
A hearty chicken chili featuring pinto, kidney, and black beans along with diced tomatoes, red bell peppers, and roasted green chiles, seasoned to perfection with cumin and oregano. It’s the addition of sweet basil that really makes this chili unique.

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