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All food service grades are produced at Smurfit Stone’s facility in La Tuque, Quebec Canada

Cup Stock
Smurfit-Stone manufactures a range of cup stock grades for the food service industry. Available with either an extruded polyethylene coating or uncoated in basis weights from 150 gsm (92#/3000 ft2 ) to 340 gsm (209 #/3000 ft2).

Plate Stock
10pt uncoated plate stock at a basis weight of 90#/3000 ft2.

Bacon Board
A bleached substrate available in several basis weights, suitable for waxing and subsequent extrusion coating for use in the packaging of bacon.

On a typical day in America in 2008, 133 million individuals will be foodservice patrons.

  • Catering Products
  • Stackable Trays
  • Produce and Protein Boxes
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Smurfit-Stone offers a wide variety of packaging solutions for the food service industry. Commercial foodservice establishments account for the majority of food away from home expenditures; the two largest segments of commercial foodservice market (full service and fast food restaurants) account for more than 78.2% of all food away from home sales.

    Smurfit-Stone understands how to protect your products en route to consumers or when used in restaurants or institutions. We work with you to create packaging solutions that meet hygienic requirements, reduce waste, and save time while maintaining packaging integrity and aesthetics.

    For a consistently excellent product supply and the support to achieve the highest profitability and customer satisfaction, turn to Smurfit-Stone

    For ordering information please contact your Cheeseman Representative at:  800.453.3014 or visit the Smurfit-Stone website at: www.smurfit.com

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