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The Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Company is one of the oldest, largest and best known manufacturers of quality Philadelphia Steak and Chicken Steak sandwich products.

This fresh-raw product is what the Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Company's long reputation is founded on. Made from only the finest in beef and chicken cuts, the product's texture and taste have driven the tradition and the Flavor of Philly for over 50 years.

Flavor Ready
Original Philly Flavor ReadyA perfectly seasoned and/or marinated product line which is what you’ll receive when consistency, quality controlled and ease of chef preparation is your menu need. Whether beef or chicken, The Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Co. will provide you and your menu the flavor profile you desire. Line, taste, flavor and texture is never compromised.

Fully Cooked
Original Philly Fully Cooked Made with the same fresh/raw product was developed as a benefit of convenience to the products new attributes. With
a tagline of “No Grille no Problem” keeping its market entrance value statement, Philly-2-Go can be served from cart, to a c-store application or from a “crock pot” when space and convenience are the requirements, but make no mistake that this Philly-2-Go product line, taste, flavor and texture is never compromised.

Original Philly SpecialtyWhen you're looking to add menu diversification to your serving options, the specialty category from the Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Co. will provide the customer base meal planning options you require.

For ordering information please contact your Cheeseman Representative at:  800.453.3014 or visit: www.phillycheesesteak.com

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