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Leprino began as a small family-owned grocery business and began making cheese. Today, Leprino Foods possesses a significant share of the U.S. Italian cheese market and is gaining a strong presence globally. Our vigilant focus on serving our customers and strengthening their businesses by providing exceptional quality products and service is the foundation of all our efforts. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, on the same corner the grocery store once stood, Leprino Foods is dedicated to producing the finest dairy food ingredients available, providing unsurpassed service, and leading the industry in innovation to maintain our leadership position in rapidly-changing markets.

The Benefits of Shredded and Diced Cheese
The convenience of cheese that is already shredded or diced for foodservice and manufacturing provides many benefits: convenience, safety, efficiency, and portion control. Shredded and diced cheese saves you time, reduces labor costs and eliminates waste associated with shredding block cheese. Its consistent cut quality provides you with greater portion control in a variety of shred and dice sizes. Beginning with only the freshest USPH Grade A milk from the farm, our cheese is made using the traditional pasta filata process to assure excellent culinary characteristics for foodservice and manufacturing environments.

The innovative Leprino 10-pound unshredded form of pizza cheese called Wrapped Ribbon™ is available in convenient individually-wrapped packages. The new 10-pound ribbon pizza cheese (4 per case) incorporates innovative cooling technology, provides even greater economics and offers consistent shredability and melt across a wide range of cook conditions.

Traditional Traits
Ideal for restaurant owners who want to control their own shredding, fresh Leprino mozzarella and pizza cheese provides consistent texture, browning, and flavor in every dish you serve.

Quality & Freshness
As with all of our products, we make six-pound traditional block mozzarella and pizza cheese using only the freshest ingredients. Available in low-moisture, whole milk and part-skim varieties.

Made Specially for Restaurant Operators
Your customers expect the same great dish every time they order, so we combine our long tradition of cheesemaking with our single-minded focus on you and your customers' satisfaction to bring you 100% Real® traditional block mozzarella.

Innovation and Tradition
Innovative bulk Ribbon™ is a superior cheese form for manufacturers. The two-inch thick Ribbon is a unique product of our patented extrusion process. Bulk Ribbon is more rapidly cooled than traditional block cheese, producing a firmer composition for easier shredding and an improved shelf life. The consistent taste, pasta filata texture and melt performance, and premium quality are traditional. Low-moisture part-skim and low-moisture whole milk varieties are available to add efficiencies to your manufacturing process and enhance your final product.

Made Specially for Food Processors and Cheese Co-Packers
Your customers expect the same great cheese performance in your products every time. We combine our long tradition of cheesemaking with our single-minded focus on you and your customers’ satisfaction to bring you 100% Real® bulk Ribbon cheese.

For more information on Leprino products, please contact your Cheeseman Representative at:  800.453.3014 or visit Leprino Foods at: www.leprinofoods.com

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