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The Todaro family opened their independent pizzeria over 50 years ago. Located in Buffalo NY, La Nova is now one of the largest makers of pizza and buffalo wings in the United States. We offer precooked baked Buffalo wings in various flavors, chicken tenders, wing sauces, and pre-made pizza products for delivery throughout the US.

All La Nova wings are Frozen. They are fully cooked and sauced. Just heat them in your oven. 0g Trans Fat.

Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings
The flavor known around the world as "Buffalo Style"! These wings are covered in our famous hot sauce recipe with just the right blend of spices to them the true “Original Buffalo Wings Flavor". This meaty, moist wing has sold millions!

For ordering information and additional La Nova products, please contact your Cheeseman Representative at:  800.453.3014

BBQ - Buffalo Chicken Wings
Originated by La Nova Pizzeria in the early 1970’s. These award winning wings have a unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors. They are a mouthwatering treat that is guaranteed to win repeat customers!

Italian Style - Buffalo Chicken Wings
Our classic blend of fresh herbs and spices combined to formulate this distinctive Italian seasoned wing. These wings offer a unique taste difference that will remind you of the way “Mama” used to make them.

You can also visit the La Nova website at: www.lanova.com

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