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  • Durable Packaging International is your source for excellence in aluminum foil products for both retail and food service applications.

    We manufacture many different lines of aluminum foil products including bakeware, roasters, bake pans, serving trays, outdoor cookware, serving trays, holiday containers, roll foil and sheets, round and oblong aluminum foil trays, sheet cake pans, burner & oven liners, and much more all made with only the finest in aluminum available on the market.

    Durable Packaging International is our division that manufacturers food service packaging products....everything you might require for your commercial baking needs from aluminum foil baking pans and trays to foil rolls and popup sheets.

    Durable Packaging from The Cheeseman should be your next source for all of your food service aluminum products.

    For ordering information please contact your Cheeseman Representative at:  800.453.3014 or visit Durable Packaging at: www.durablepackaging.com

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